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25 Jan New Louvered models for purchasing!
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We’ve finally added louvered doors into our portfolio and to our stock program and now we are proud to offer it to our dearest customers! Order louvered door in any desired finishing colour! Some of our recent louvered works are presented in our Instagram account gezitinc. Be sure to get a standart size louvered door in short term and order a custo..
19 Jan How to properly care for your door?
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In order for the door to serve you for a long time you need to know several key rules. 1) Never leave a door with natural veneer finish wet as this can influence badly the finish structure and deform or severely change the outer layer of the door.2) Cleaning with a steam cleaner available, but be careful. High temperature and moisture can affect an..
18 Jan What kind of information should I provide you with to place an order?
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Here is a basic list of issues to be specified: 1.     Types of doors: interior solid or hollow core2.     Model name from the catalog or website and its finish colour3.     Door size or rough opening sizes. Total purchased doors quantity and sizes4.     Configurations (single or double / swing, bypass, pocket etc.)5.     Types of hardware ..
17 Jan How do you guys deliver the doors?
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Gezit offers the convenience of direct deliveries to our committed customers. Customer must have an agent and facilities available to accept all deliveries of merchandise pursuant to orders placed with vendor for shipment to customer’s office, warehouse, job sites, or any other designated location. Customer shall take full responsibility for freigh..
13 Jan How to determine a door swing direction?
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Determining the door swing direction is very importaint. From the very beginning be sure to inform Gezit sales representative about swing directions per each required door, since this information is used while predrilling your doors for hinges impact. After determining with the door’s configuration, you need to determine which side it is more conve..
12 Jan What’s a Jamb extension and when it should be used
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A jamb extension does precisely what the name suggests – it's a board that fills the depth of the wall space from the inside face of the door frame to the face of the wall and thus widens the frame. So if the wall thickness is greater than the standard jamb width, extensions must be used.Gezit jamb extensions are typically made of MDF and create a ..
10 Jan How to choose a door?
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What should my future door look like?! To determine it and make a profitable and good-looking selection mind that Gezit uses four basic finishing tones: black, white, brown and gray. Remember some basic rules:Black or Brown interior doors are created for rooms with dark interiors. The darker interior door finish color, the deeper room appearance yo..
09 Jan Hardware we use
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Hardware is an important part of most, if not all home accessories.  Because of its appeal there is an obvious competitive wave throughout the industry. The following will outline the attractiveness of some of the leading European brands in today’s market.Hinges and lockests – it’s surely one of the main and most importaint hardware category part..
08 Jan Gezit’s Special options
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At Gezit we’ve created some special door features that might be really practical for use and can make your door standing out from other similar units.First special option you can get additionally is a special metal strip design. Special metal moldings that are cut into the door slab surface. It creates a contemporary and fresh door look and make th..
07 Jan Gezit Interior doors standart sizes
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Our standart Interior door heights: 80” 84” 96”. Some door models are available in 92 ½” height. Contact sales to be informed. Gezit’s standard door width options are 18, 24, 28, 30, 32 and 36".Since we own and run an authorized production plant in Europe we are always ok with custom sizes. Just inform us few weeks ahead which door size would you..
06 Jan Gezit doors configurations
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At Gezit Inc we always care to have the possibility to offer you a top-notch product with a good production quality and  contemporary design. Our doors can really improve your interior design and bring it to the next level! We’re proud to offer you not only the traditionally used swing doors, at our online shop you always have a possibility to requ..
05 Jan Gezit Cores
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Most of Gezit’s doors have wooden solid core material inside. This is a quality stamp, informing you that your purchased door would be really durable and have great insulation qualities even before getting installed. Every Gezit’s solid core door gets a 2-year warranty. Our solid core doors are produced using European solid pinewood and oakwood. Ge..
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