Most of Gezit’s doors have wooden solid core material inside. This is a quality stamp, informing you that your purchased door would be really durable and have great insulation qualities even before getting installed. Every Gezit’s solid core door gets a 2-year warranty. Our solid core doors are produced using European solid pinewood and oakwood.
Gezit offers three available types of solid core:

1.Honeycomb core. This type of solid core consists of huge amount of honey comb cells, that reduce the total door slab weight and provide it to be light enough. Although the door slab  It’s importaint because hinges are not getting extra loaded and in some cases it allows to use 2 hinges per slab instead of 3. Honey comb core door slab always has an affordable price, good noise reduction and thermal insulation.

2.Smartcore. This type of solid core is a technologically advanced eco-friednly material which is a high-density natural wood fiber. Smartcore provides traditional durability, noise reduction and thermal insulation. Smartcore door is a great combination of door strength and it’s weight.

3.Hollow core. Nowadays it’s really important to have a possibility to match every project and budget the way to satisfy every customer’s request. To make it possible we started our own hollow core doors production. Now we can compete in the lowest price categories. Gezit hollow core doors are staying in the lowest price range and it’s always in demand for being installed into commercial buildings. It also works good for residential interiors where owners just don’t need solid durable doors and are ok with the most affordable ones.  Be sure to find our hollow core doors at the website