Our standart Interior door heights: 80” 84” 96”. Some door models are available in 92 ½” height. Contact sales to be informed. Gezit’s standard door width options are 18, 24, 28, 30, 32 and 36".

Since we own and run an authorized production plant in Europe we are always ok with custom sizes. Just inform us few weeks ahead which door size would you like to get and we’ll do our best to turn a written numbers into a real door!  Please mind that the above listed sizings are applied for door slab only. To get the whole doorset size (with jambs) you should add roughly +1 ½” to the height of the door slab and +2” to it’s width. F.e. 80”x30” door slab requires a 81 ½”x32” rough opening to be installed with jabms. Remember that every our customer gets a personal sales manager who is always ready to assist you with determining your door size. We also can offer a jobsite visit service, when someone from our installation team is coming inside and takes all the measurements by himself, so you wouldn’t have any concerns about purchased door sizes.