At Gezit we’ve created some special door features that might be really practical for use and can make your door standing out from other similar units.

First special option you can get additionally is a special metal strip design. Special metal moldings that are cut into the door slab surface. It creates a contemporary and fresh door look and make the door to be more expressive in the interior.
The main moldings options are 2H, 2V, 2U, 4H (available for review at our web-resource or e-catalog)
We also can offer you a custom moldings layout, just let us know  and we’ll definitely find a suitable solution.

Another special option is Smart Sweep. It is an automatic special sweep that comes out every time you close the door. This is a retractable design, which operates according to the following principle: when the sash is opened, it rises gently, without unnecessary noise, and when it is closed, it lowers. Smart Sweep greatly reduces noise transfer between interior spaces by forming a tight fit against the threshold of a door. If you feel you need to get as much sound insulation as possible – request smart sweep option and enjoy your personal silence.