Hardware is an important part of most, if not all home accessories.  Because of its appeal there is an obvious competitive wave throughout the industry. The following will outline the attractiveness of some of the leading European brands in today’s market.

Hinges and lockests – it’s surely one of the main and most importaint hardware category part in every door. Gezit Doors are supplied mostly by Otlav 3d concealed or regular hinges and AGB magnetic locksets . Both companies are Italian corporations specialized in hardware for doors, windows and shutters. For more than six decades AGB and Otlav has provided manufactures worldwide with optimal solutions for use and for blocking of top quality, durable, lasting internal and external windows and doors. AGB and Otlav Italian products are renowned for their quality and for their reliability over time. AGB guarantees that its products are constructed and assembled in Italy on its own premises and with certified standard materials, technology and know-how. Many firms have chosen to delocalize to retain their competitive edge in a globalized world. Otlav has adopted an alternative approach:  while posing considerable challenges, their strategies allow them to implement overall stakeholder- oriented policies and focus on total quality.


Concealed 3d hinges are really in demand nowadays providing the whole door look be really smart and contemporary. It also gives the following qualities:


The hidden hinges do not violate the visual integrity of the doorset.


Concealed hinges in pairs can hold more than 110 lbs., while conventional awnings are designed for door slabs weighing up to 66 lbs. Plus, they last longer than conventional awnings and don't require lubrication.

Possibility of adjustment

Such fittings allow you to adjust the sash in three planes and this can be done both during installation and during operation. This property of the products allows you to buy hidden door hinges for new buildings, where construction shrinkage is possible over time. Thanks to the special canopy device, the door slab can be turned 180 ° no matter of its existing precut option.
With the Italian made concealed hinges, door opens smoothly and precisely up to 180°. The hinge blends seamlessly with the slab and the frame for a markedly elegant door design solution. Thanks to the symmetric milling, the hinge is reversible and allows choosing the door swing directly on the job site. It is 3 ways adjustable (XYZ) which is definitely a strong competitive advantage. The decorative cover plates conceal the adjustment screws for elegance when the door is open. Weight capacity is 132 lbs. per 2 hinges. Resource is 200 000 openings.

AGB magnetic lockset - Magnetic movement lock particularly suitable for lean-lock, modern design internal doors. Peerlessly versatile, thanks to design of innovate strikers which can be used for rebated and flush doors, with wooden or aluminum frames. Modern Italian Lock is remarkably quiet on closing and precise in its mechanical coupling, conveying pleasurable sensations on handle and key movement.
Magnetic movement lock. It is particularly suitable for modern internal doors, thanks to its lean look design. Polaris 2XT is distinguished by the extraordinary silent closing and the precision in mechanical couplings that give a pleasant feeling of fluidity in the handle and key movements.


Fuaro, Horizont and Ethno are the brand names of handle suppliers that Gezit Inc works with. The brand philosophy of Fuaro aims to integrate the handle as a natural furniture compliment which can be perceived as a classic and modern item. At the same time, the Horizont and Ethno handle represents an endless style of design that can fit with any trend. All Gezit’s handles are European made and have a good quality that allows to serve for years. You can use it even in commercial spaces.


Johnson’s hardware is our commonly used sliding pocket and folding hardware. Johnson’s product offers a catalogue with several innovative sliding solutions and a large number of sliding solutions for pocket and folding doors.  Reliability and quality are in this case more than ever synonymous to the well known manufacturer.