What should my future door look like?! To determine it and make a profitable and good-looking selection mind that Gezit uses four basic finishing tones: black, white, brown and gray.

Remember some basic rules:

Black or Brown interior doors are created for rooms with dark interiors. The darker interior door finish color, the deeper room appearance you’d get. Dark interior doors help to create a cozy welcoming atmosphere and form a natural look. It also works good with dark or wenge wooden panels that are quite popular yet.

Gray and white contemporary interior doors are greatly forming a European Nordic minimalism; in addition to the overall light interior, it always has a positive effect on owner’s and guest’s physical condition and help to relax your mind. Bright interiors are extremely popular, whether it is a classical or fresh&modern design. Gray finish helps to create a cool and soothing neutral atmosphere.

Wenge finish is a universal tool for your interior constructor. It combines natural solid look and contemporary finish structure. It looks awesome in interiors with wooden panels, wooden cabinetries, light and sunny rooms and has a full right to be named as innovative and awesome interior decision ever.

A few words about installation areas:

Heavier and more insulated solid core doors always fit better for offices, master cabinets, bedrooms, nurseries, pantries, bathrooms.

Regular hall or closet doors as well as a living room doors always make sense to be honey comb or hollow core, since it’s insulation and strength qualities are not so importaint.

EVO PVC-coated doors are perfect for kitchens or bathrooms, since they are protected from moisture and have increased durability.


Door’s design also influences the interior:

Flat Collection

Flat and smooth slabs are the most popular category for using in commercial and residential buildings as well. Its universal door structure and design allows to fit almost every interior, so it lefts only to make a colour selection and here we go – a good matching door is ready. It also works good if you’re working out a traditional classic interior design. 

French interior doors

French doors are usually double glazed doors (can be also single) more suitable for living rooms or other kinds of rest rooms. Glass panels add more space and don't burden the wall with contrast. Most of French doors are coming in bright finish so it’s a kind of universal door too. French doors have a frosted glass option so it also works good for installing into kitchens. 

Molded doors

Molded doors is a fresh design solution making traditional doors you knew for years young and modern. Graceful thin inserts are distributed throughout door slab, it surely will attract the attention of any beholder. Molded doors are also quite universal, this nice feature can be used in commercial and residential doors as well. Metal moldings are available in various combination, we also can apply a master’s custom pattern.

Shaker doors

Simple inornate door design and lowest price in solid doors category.. Yes, it's shaker. Coming in white finish or primed it’s working year-to-year as a indispensable thing for contractors and as a short-time decision for homeowners. They work good for white classical interiors, but you can try use them in cold-modern interior. Works good if you definitely want to paint the door by yourself