Determining the door swing direction is very importaint. From the very beginning be sure to inform Gezit sales representative about swing directions per each required door, since this information is used while predrilling your doors for hinges impact. After determining with the door’s configuration, you need to determine which side it is more convenient for you to open the door and by which hand – right or left hand / in or out swing, as this affects the location of the hinges. At Gezit we have a very simple solution that is..a simple picture!

Just imagine that you’re staying towards the door from outside. Firstly decide which hand is more convinient for opening the door. Then make a decision about swing option: if you need to push the door forward into the interior space this door leads too than it’s a inswing direction. If you must pull the door to yourself to open it, than it’s an outswing option. Combine the information you have and remember or better write it down to transfer this info to Gezit manager. There’re only four possible options: RHI (right hand inswing), RHO (right hand outswing), LHI (left hand inswing), LHO (left hand outswing). Feel free to use!