In order for the door to serve you for a long time you need to know several key rules.

1) Never leave a door with natural veneer finish wet as this can influence badly the finish structure and deform or severely change the outer layer of the door.

2) Cleaning with a steam cleaner available, but be careful. High temperature and moisture can affect any type of coating.

3) Strong detergents should be used very rarely and in small quantities, for example, during a general cleaning. Otherwise, try to use mild detergents, a soft cloth and warm water. After a wet cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth the way to keep the door dry.

4) A glazed door should be washed by a glass or mirror cleaner, or you can choose one of the tools on hand - vinegar, lemon juice or ammonia. This rule applies only to glossy and transparent glasses, matte stele cannot be washed with such means – stains surely will remain.

5) If little defects or scratches appear on the glass or hardware parts. This could be removed by polishing. It also protects against moisture, dust and chemicals used during cleaning. But be careful while choosing a polishing tool and method. Do not apply this procedure by your own if you’re not experienced enough.

7) Hardware. Don’t forget about rare cleaning the handle and hinges – these parts should be always shiny and good looking. Handles are recommended to wipe it every day with antiseptic wipes or alcohol-containing solutions, especially in high traffic spaces like offices or showrooms.

3d concealed hinges are made for 200 000+ openings, so there’s no need to grease it with no reason. All you need to do is to clear dust and mud that could appear between the hinge’ moving parts. The plain bearing hinges are recommend to be greased once per six months.