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04 Jan Gezit’s innovative finish materials
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Choosing a door finish type may seem to be an easy task but this inform-post is created to provide you with accurate information about finish types that we normally use, so you can always make sure your new purchase fits into your interior.At Gezit we use four standart types of finish, each of them is individual, please see as follows:1. Veneer fin..
03 Jan Gezit's wide range of models was created for your comfort of choice
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We worked out a great variety of interior solid and hollow core prefinished doors, so you always can feel comfortable having an opportunity to make your personal choice. Our standart door’s sizes (you may find this info at our website or using our catalog) are available in short lead time. We can always work with your custom sizes, our own manufact..
02 Jan We always appreciate your business and care about our customers
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We offer great and competitive prices to ensure you and your clients are always be satisfied. You’re always welcome to be met at our showroom in South Florida to see&touch the product you’re potentially interested in and get full information about it. We appreciate to communicate with every our customer, our sales managers are always in touch, read..
01 Jan WHO WE ARE?
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Gezit Inc is American fast growing company, located in South Florida, specializing in European interior doors production, distribution and installation. Located in the heart of Florida we’ve supplied more than 15 thousand European interior doors to our dearest customers across the whole North America continent for the last 3 years. We’re proud of w..
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