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For single and double door configurations

Subtract 2" from the rough opening width and 1 1/4" from the height. This will determine the door slab size.


Let's imagine that we have measured the width of the rough opening and it equals 35"

In order to determine the width of the door slab, we first of all need to subtract 2" from the width of the opening. So where do these 2 inches actually come from?


The standard thickness of Gezit jamb is 3/4".
3/4" + 3/4" = 1 1/2" is the total thickness of 2 jambs.
And we leave the rest of the space (1/2") as technological gaps to be filled in construction foam.
So this forms the 2 inches' width that needs to be subtracted from the overall width of the opening.


35" - 2" = 33"

Now we need to determine which standard width is suitable for the 33" wide opening.
This is obviously 32".
And the remaining space will be filled width construction foam and covered with prefinished casings.


Standard width of Gezit’s casings is 3 1/2"

For barn, magic, bi-fold, bypass and pocket door systems

Please refer to the manuals provided by the hardware manufacturers.

See the picture below in order to learn how to accurately measure the size of the rough opening.

First, measure the width between the studs of the doorway three times (picture 1) and record the smallest of the three measurements.

Second, measure the height on both sides (picture 2) and record the smallest measurement.

Congratulations! You have determined the width and the height of the rough opening.


The quality solid pine frame is the basis of a strong and durable construction of Gezit doors. The width of the frame is 1 ½’’. It undergoes several drying processes in special heating cameras which keeps the wood humidity level within 8%. The frame thickness can vary from 1 9/16’’ to 1 ¾’’ depending on the door model.

Gezit doors may come with 3 types of core depending on the model, which are:

• Hollow Core (hollow doors with mdf-pannels – the most affordable version)

• Honey-comb core – solid core type (filling is honey comb cells, which grant additional lightness to the door, thus protecting the hinges from extra load and still retaining high noise reduction and thermal insulation qualities)

• Smart core – solid core type (technologically advanced, eco-friendly filling, which is a high density natural wood fiber. This type of filling provides additional durability, noise reduction and thermal insulation.)

We use high quality solid pine in production of our frames which makes them rigid and durable enough to hold a heavy 8’ solid core door slab.

Here is a basic list of issues to be specified:

1.     Types of doors: interior solid or hollow core

2.     Model name from the catalog or website and its finish colour

3.     Door size or rough opening sizes. Total purchased doors quantity and sizes

4.     Configurations (single or double / swing, bypass, pocket etc.)

5.     Types of hardware needed (lockset and handles? concealed or plain bearing hinges?)

6.     Swing directions (LHI /RHI / LHO / RHO)

7.     Additional options: smart sweep, metal strips, frameless system etc.

8.     Project lead time (when are the doors needed at the job site?)

9.     Budget

10.  Any special requirements (fire ratings, etc.)

We often hear the question – What do I get if purchasing a solid core door and why am I paying times more than for a hollow door?

The main advantages are:

- perfect sound and thermal insulation qualities, that matters.

- Solid core doors are extremely durable and resistant to external influences.

- Great chances to be delivered in a good condition and higher life time term 

- Only natural materials. Completely eco-friendly product, could be used anywhere.

- Special options available (smart-sweep, 3d concealed hinges, metal contemporary strips)

- Custom sizes and custom precut available

These are the key factors that matters and influence on the customer’s final decision

What is a Prehung Door?

Two choices are given to you when you decide to order an interior door at Gezit: slab or knocked down doorset. There are numerous differences between the two, this post is about it.
          What if I’m ordering a door slab only? You’ll get.. only a door slab. A slab does not have hardware or hinges or any precuts (if you didn’t request additionally). They are more challenging to install. Purchasing only a door slab is good when you’re up to use it with your existing frames&casings and your hardware.
          You should definitely purchase a whole knocked down doorset If you do not have an existing interior door frame or you’re purchasing the doors for a new house. If you are remodeling or building a new home knocked down doors are the most logical choice due to installation into new rough openings. You’re saving your time while ordering all parts at once.  You should also mind that Gezit doors are not coming as complete prehungs – this is done for saving the door parts during the transportation. Knocked down unit means that all door parts are predrilled and prepared for further assembly and installation.

          What if I need to order the door slab with jambs, but don’t need the casings? No problem, we can always meet your custom requests and supply you with required parts separately. However, we always recommend that you equip the door unit with our matching jambs and casings, coated with the same finishes as the door slab. Anyway, our customer’s decision is always prior– just let us know about your requirement at our online store

Glazed Gezit doors are fitted with white or dark European frosted glass of Czech production. For most glassed models, we apply special tempered glass 1/6’’ – 1/4’’ thick. Custom glazing options available, feel free to request our doors with clear glass too. Besides high firmness, it is also safe to use. Should be damaged, such glass shatters into small, smooth surfaced pellets, excluding the possibility of injury. Be always sure that Gezit glazed doors could be used in spaces with kids or high traffic areas. Another of advantages of glass panel door is simple cleaning and maintenance. You are not needed in coarse cleaning agent. Enough a wet rag and water. You can find more information in our other posts.