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Interior french pocket doors

Each apartment and house has its own special aspects and features and requires optimal interior solutions. Interior doors are a very important component of the room and can be an icing on the cake. To reach this goal and to create an elegant look of the room moldings, CPL or enamel and matte, transparent or plate glass inlays can be ordered additionally. What is the best option for a small or dark apartment? Obviously, it is a pocket French interior door that can be stored online on

Why Pocket French interior doors:

They are a priceless solution for those who are trying to save space. They do not occupy additional space at all since they are opened by a simple sideways movement. It is very convenient to install sliding structures in small apartments because swing doors clutter the space of the room and disturb free movement;

it’s also a good solution for dark rooms with the lack of natural light;

Such a buy fits multiple interior styles.

Gezit Inc is responsible for a sale of french pocket interior doors and provides each client with a high-quality service: certified factory products, customer support, quick delivery, two-year warranty.

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