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Buy Double Swing Interior Door from Natural Wood Collection

Buy Doors from Natural Wood Veneer Interior Online. Chic Interior Doors in Wenge color have a noble classical look, yet would be a perfect addition to different kinds of Interior. Thin layers of a natural wood veneer are carefully placed on a core. This type of finish is the most environmentally friendly and easily restored. Moreover, the Collection combines the balance of reasonable price and excellent quality. Aluminum moldings are also employed in this line to add some unique accent to the series.

The most traditional and common swing door configuration is easy to install and comfortable to use. Hinges are cut on a symmetrical distance and allow you to choose the opening direction right on the spot. The door unit consists of a door slab, frame, casing and optional services. Functional double swing configuration consists of two slabs, frame and casing. It’s up to you to make the doors identical, or choose an active door to be wider. Astragal is optional for better insulation.

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