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Pre-Hanging Information

Difference between Door Slab and Pre-hung Door

Door Slab Only

Door Slab Only -doesn't include frame and casings.

Pre-hung door

Door unit which is prepared for easy installation. Typically Pre-Hung doors are mortised for the hinges and AGB Polaris Italian magnetic locks. They include matching door Jambs and Casings, Hinges and Jamb width extension (if necessary). Gezit Inc. offers pre-hung doors in knocked down manner.

Knocked Down Prehung Doors

Gezit Inc. happy to offer knocked down prehung doors that are easy to assemble and to install. Door slabs and Jambs are precisely pre-machined to exact match each other at the assemblage points. Jambs and casings are carefully packed and shipped together with door slabs. Every parts balk are labeled to make assembly and installation quick and easy at the job site.

Rubber Seal

Rubber seal used for noise insulation and shock absorption when closing the door, as well as helping to reduce dust in the room. It is important that the rubber seal in the door frame should be bland.

Wall Thickness Measurement

Take your wall thickness measurement from edge to edge (as illustrated here). Please note that sheetrock thickness is also considered in a total measurement sum.

European Magnetic Lock Functionality


European Handle Set

Passage Function

European Handle Set

AGB Italian Magnetic Lock

Minimal XT Strike Plate

Privacy Function

European Handle Set

AGB Italian Magnetic Lock

Minimal XT Strike Plate

Cover Plate Set, Privacy Function

Keyed / Entry Function

European Handle Set

AGB Italian Magnetic Lock

Minimal XT Strike Plate

Cover Plate Set

Cylinder. Both Sides. Keys or Key and Lock

Closure Options

Magnetic Catch

This is the latching mechanism which consists of a magnet from one side and metal plate from the opposite side. It is mounted on the top of the door. Metal plate is mounted on the door jamb. This option is generally used on closet and cabinet doors where a latch is not used or needed. Mainly paired with Dummy Handles or knobs.

Flush Bolt

Flush Bolt is a bolt installed on a door side in order to lock it in place. It is mainly used in Double Door Configurations where one door is locked in place and the other is in active use. If necessary the door locked with the flush bolt can be opened.

Double Doors Swing Directions

Swing Direction for double door configuration depends on Closure Option. Double doors with flush bolt closures have one door slab as active and the other as passive. Depending on which slab will be active or passive, swing direction should be chosen.
When the closure option is Magnet catch then both door slabs will be active and you can choose the way the doors swing; In-swing / Out-swing. Please refer to the following illustration in order to determine your double door swing direction.

Flush Bolt

Magnet catch

Pocket Door Hardware

We use Johnson Hardware Pocket Door Frames (1500 and 2060 Series). They are one of the best pocket door frames on the market and this particulat models are compatible with our door slabs. You can choose pocket door pulls and locks when configuring your door. Choice of passage or privacy, Kwikset and Emtek brand quality locks available.

Johnson Hardware 1500
Series Pocket Door Frame

Locks Functionality for pocket doors

Locks Functionality for pocket doors

Our pocket doors have several components that you can configure when buying.

Pocket Door Strike Jamb (Vertical)

Made from solid wood or MDF base with grooves from the bith sides.
The width of the pocket door strike jamb is 6”, which is adjustable to 7” using the L-Casing molding.

L-shaped Casings

Made from high-pressed MDF. Adjust the thickness of the frame up to 7" thanks to L-shaped construction.
Door casings width: 2 13/16”

Pocket Door Split Jambs

Made from high-pressed MDF. Groove from one side and flat from another. Can be cut to measure.