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Gezit Inc. provides a guarantee for its products for 2 years from the date of delivery, subject to the conditions and exclusions below. The customer, contractor, installer and fitter are responsible for meeting these requirements to validate the warranty. Gezit Inc warrants this product only to the original purchaser of the product for purposes other than resale, or to the original purchaser of the home in which such a door is installed. This warranty covers defects that become apparent within the period specified above, provided that the owner notifies Gezit Inc. of the defects in writing or electronic within an appropriate period of time. This warranty is the only and exclusive warranty offered by Gezit Inc.: it is non-transferable and no dealer, distributor or representative is authorized to modify or extend this warranty.

Before cutting, hanging, finishing or installing Gezit Inc. doors: 

1. Inspect the doors for deformation, glass defects, specifications, and manufacturing defects. 

2. Please check our preliminary warranty included with each pre-hang unit before installation. 

3. Check the products for shipping damage or damage that may occur during storage. 

4. Check your local and federal building codes, rules, and regulations.

Please note, if you find any defects or any other problems, please do not shorten, complete or install Gezit Inc. products. Just return it to the dealer or Gezit Inc.

To validate your warranty, the following conditions and guidelines must be met:

Gezit Inc. Finishing and Installation: 

- Immediately after installation, the doors must be fully sealed on all six sides (including front and rear, bottom and top rails, behind the hinges and under the door shoe). 

- Improper pre-installation storage, including inadequate shelter or inadequate venting of shipping wrap in

humid locations.

- It is forbidden to knock on the door glass with objects that may cause the glass shattering;

- Interior doors must have a sufficient amount of polyurethane coating for production. For exterior doors, three coats of UV inhibitor outer coat must be applied. For interior doors, two layers are enough. 

- Doors are not covered by the warranty if they are finished with an outer surface layer, varnish, paint, any wood treatment oil or whitewash. 

- The door assembly in newly built or repaired premises is allowed only after the building materials have dried

out completely;

- Prefinished door units should be installed after the floor, ceiling and wall priming and painting is over, in order to secure the door finishes from getting stained and/or dirty;

- Before finishing, remove all adhesive and glue marks. sandpaper 150 grit (or finer) and remove all sanding dust. For best performance, doors must be finished lying flat.

- Only detergents (not water!) suitable for corresponding surfaces (veneer, enamel, polypropylene) and

containing no abrasives and solvents can be used for cleaning a door unit;

The following shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship, and are not covered by this warranty: 

- Cracks, bends or deformations due to improper or poor storage. 

- Discoloration or rust on decorative metal elements.

- Discoloration of painted doors due to exposure to light.

- Cracks that are less than 1/16" wide and less than 2" long.

- Glass breakage or glass damage for any reason. The physical appearance of a glass panel is not covered by this warranty.

- Any painting, staining, scratching, or other alteration of Gezit factory-applied exterior coating

surface of the Products.

-Non-observance of temperature regime for a long time (high temperature, high level of humidity), which may lead to changes in the wood structure, coating appearance, delamination, and others.

- Interior doors must be stored flat, in a clean, dry area at least 4" above the ground. Doors will not be warranted if stored on the construction site, or in a storage container.

- Problems caused by misuse of Gezit Inc. (broken glass, poor finish, improper installation, etc.). will not be guaranteed.

We reserve the right to inspect any product that is alleged to be defective.

In case of a defective door, at the discretion of Gezit Inc., the door may be replaced.

If Gezit Inc. chooses to replace a defective product, Gezit Inc. will not assume responsibility. or cost for re-finishing, re-hanging, installation and shipping of replacement products. 

Gezit Inc. guarantees the reliability and practicality of products with the installation of its own specialist. Involvement of a third party removes the company's responsibility for the resulting defects in the installation process.